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Registration: Billing Update
This is a secure page.
On this page you may update your billing information. If you are replacing your credit card or updating your credit card, please supply all of the information requested below. You will need to do this for each person who has their own registration in your law firm. So if you have two attorneys registered, for example, from Smith and Finley, Attorneys at Law, you will need to update the billing information for both Attorney Smith and Attorney Finley.
This is so we align the your new billing information with the proper account.
1. Account / Username
Bar Number:
2. Your email:
This is where we will send the confirmation email.
3.Credit Card Information:
We keep this information on our server at our main office. It does not exist on the web.
Name on Card
Phone Number
Billing Zip Code
Billing Address No.
Example: 123 Main Street = 123
Credit Card Type:
Credit Card Number
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Sec. Code
Location of the security code on your credit card.
I agree to pay according to the terms of my credit card agreement.
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